Based on a true story, and inspired from his recent exhibition, Koby sheds light on his experience with the Home Office as an immigrant in the U.K, after he was given 14 days to leave the country.


Tinie Tempah and Vype – the UK’s leading vaping brand – have come together to create a bespoke range of t-shirts inspired by Vype’s latest product, the Pebble.

Adult vapers will experience immersive art from Disturbing London's Artist and Animator Koby Martin painting and designing  the limited edition VYPE range and giving customers their very own Vype Pebble.

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"How It Was" is a body of work which depicts my experiences growing up in Ghana. The paintings have been inspired by various songs both of Ghanaian origin and Hip-Hop. These songs triggered a nostalgic feeling of living in Ghana and is the driving force in the creation of each piece.

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"A nation of Sheep controlled By Wolves and Owned by Pigs" is a body of work that was sparked as a conscious reaction to events that have happened or taking place and focuses on the possibilities of what could happen if left unaddressed.

Each painting will make use of animals as a metaphorical depiction which will explore different subjects and themes such as racism,corruption anarchy and more.

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This is a visual created for AFIE (African Footballers In Europe Awards) which is a platform that recognises talent, creates opportunity and promotes our understanding of the African identity. The whole intention of AFIE is to unite the sports & entertainment industry from two continents and serve as a beacon to celebrate the achievements of African footballers in Europe.

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